Revelec Lamps

Revelec Lamps has been established since 1990 as nationwide distributors & specialist suppliers of Lamps & Lighting Accessories.


Because we are specialist lamp stockists we are able to distribute lamps at very good values - you would also have peace of mind that the products would meet all the "Health & Safety" regulations.


Please feel free to call our sales team on:


0208 909 2553 with any enquiries.




Distribution & Service



Our Service is Supported by a Lamp Distribution System which guarantees delivery on the specific day required whether it be next day or a specific day in the future.


We also have full technical support within the company to handle product enquiries.


Our service is second to none. Breakages are less than one in every thousand (almost none existent) Our prices are extremely competitive & represent outstanding value.









Need Technical Help with a product?

Call Sales: 0208 909 2553



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